Friday, March 28, 2008

The Museum

We went to the Museum today. We saw lot's of planes. This is a Skyhawk painted with Angels markings. It was one of the last planes we saw. Apart from that, I do not know, because I was not very interested in it.

This is a picture of Daddy. He is a pilot (just kidding!).

This is a Biplane.

I don't know what this is, apart from that it is a plane.

Check above sentence.

Here is a determined young pilot standing next to his plane.

Check above above sentence.

Check above above above sentence.

Check above above above above sentence.

This is a nuclear missile.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you can be a pilot one day and fly over the world looking for Godzilla tracks!

Susan said...

First, I'll check to see if there are tailmarks, because if not, it's a hoax. (As far as I know, Godzilla never learned to lift his tail).

From, Sam