Monday, March 24, 2008

What I Like

I have lately become interested in warplanes , especially the F-22 Raptor. I also like Godzilla. He rose out of the ocean , destroyed a ship , and attacked Tokyo. Godzilla then used his atomic breath on the city and ate a train. In the end , he was turned into a pile of bones by an "oxygen destroyer", made by Dr. Serizawa. Godzilla has appeared in a total of 28 movies , fighting monsters in most of them , and winning every time except for the American version of Godzilla vs. King Kong. In short , I think Godzilla is awesome.


lillinda said...

Hi Sam,
I enjoyed your first blog.
I didn't like the Godzilla movies when I was young because he was just too noisy !
My husband liked "Mothra". Have you seen that one?
I will look forward to reading more,
Linda P.

Anonymous said...

Godzilla IS awesome! I concur!

Mom said...

I am extremely impressed. Keep up the great photos and info. Did you every consider becoming a photo-journalist?
Love, Grandma Dorinda